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Upcycle burlap

I started to do sewing as a new hobby in 2017 as an accident. My husband fixed the sewing machine cabinet which sat there for more than 10 years and just for being telephone stand. It was in very bad shape, was not working at all, make noisy and so on.

After my husband fix it, I was interesting to learn how to sew. The first project was pillow case, and I took a short class in my hometown.

Since then, I sew madly. I sew everything. The pattern? Thanks to google, youtube, pinterest, and so on. The list is endless.

I love making non cloths, for example bags & basket. Instead of buying new fabric, I use old pair of jeans. When its' done, my daughter took a photo of and share it on her social media without telling me.

The response was shocking me. Several of her friends would like to have it. So I started to make it more and selling it.

She has burlap coffee beans bags with very attractive design in her room. Never touch it because she didn't know what to do with it.

I took it and made it into bag.

Again, she posted in her social media and got the positive responses.

So, here I am now, the burlap coffee beans bag transformed into laptop sleeves, fabric basket, handbag, shopping bag, lunch bag.

I also make washable produce bag, utensil pouch (the utensil set is inclusive if you buy although the utensils are not made by me).

By up-cycle the burlap, making the washable produce bag, I try to reduce the landfill waste.

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