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Semmler Farm

We raise grass fed Scottish Highland beef and animals. We enjoy knowing what our animals eat and how they have been treated all their lives, from birth to final use as our food.

We live on 170 acres of Northern Minnesota and always seem to wish for less winter. We have a fold of Scottish Highland cattle, numbers vary but usually around forty five head. We have several small farm animals like rabbits, turkeys, chickens, cats, dogs, and a few pigs. We have a few horses too. We grow and harvest the hay that our animals eat. We have wild geese, ducks, trumpeter swans and sand hill cranes that like to hang around the farm too. We are blessed with lots of wild life and calm animals all the way around. Farming is a way of life and we try to do right by the animals and people involved.

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Hours of operation
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Producer Information
Becky Semmler
24223 700th Lane, Jacobson, MN 55752
Payment Information
Credit cards accepted
Cash accepted
Check accepted
SNAP/EBT not accepted

Producer Products

These Counter Eggs are unwashed eggs that are kept on the counter, rather than cooled. They are collected daily from our free range mixed br...
Grass Fed and Finished Scottish Highland Ground Beef. USDA processed and vacuum packaged in one pound packages. This is very lean beef. We a...

USDA Grass Fed and Grass Finished, Scottish Highland Beef Heart.

Asking $ 2.50 for each pound.

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