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Mr. Ed's Farm LLC


It’s exciting to see the garden coming on strong! Beans and peas blossoming, pumpkins and squash wall to wall and climbing up and through the fence. Checking the broccoli and cauliflower daily. Cucumbers and zucchini growing by inches everyday. Cherry tomatoes ready for market.

Taking orders for lamb ready this fall. Have a few ewe lambs if you are looking for breeding stock.

Mr. Ed's Farm is a farm boy's dream come true. I grew up on a diversified central Minnesota dairy farm. In 1985 Gayle and I bought 80 acres on the edge of Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range. Our farming adventure began with seven sheep, a dozen chickens, a cat and a team of draft horses. The early years were spent cleaning up delapidated buildings and tearing out rusty barb wire. Slowly we transformed the old farm to one with a new life and purpose. We cleared the brush, plowed the fields, planted oats and cut hay. Along the way we added another 80 acres and many more animals to the barnyard.

Today Mr. Ed's Farm is home to a flock of sheep, a herd of goats, a coop full of hens, a gaggle of geese, a pen of pigs and assorted other livestock including percheron draft horses.

Upon retiring from a fulltime job in 2012, I began the process of transitioning Mr. Ed's Farm into an educational as well as a horse powered farm.

Note, due to the Covid 19 pandemic we are not doing tours at this time

Opening Day
January 2
Closing Day
December 31
Hours of operation
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Producer Information
10796 Foss Road, Hibbing, MN 55746
Accessibility Information
Nearby parking is available.
Additional Information
We do our best to accommodate everyone.
Payment Information
Credit cards not accepted
Cash accepted
Check not accepted
SNAP/EBT not accepted
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Delicious and good for you.

We have a nice crop of lambs this year. Raise them yourself of get on the list for fall freezer lambs.

Pie pumpkins. Halloween pumpkins