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Kudrle Farms

HIBBING FARMERS MARKETVirginia Market Square Farmers Market

At Kudrle Farms we focus on preserving homestead traditions in the modern world. We sell sustainably raised, non-gmo meats, vegetables, eggs, canned items, homemade teas, and more!

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Producer Information
Scott Kudrle
7096 HWY 169, Virginia, MN, 55792
Accessibility Information
This place is wheelchair accessible.
Nearby parking is available.
Payment Information
Credit cards accepted
Cash accepted
Check accepted
SNAP/EBT accepted

Producer Products

Ingredients: Cucumber, Dill Seed, Turmeric, Cider Vinegar, Salt, Water, Pickling Crisper

Size: 8oz

Price: $4.00

Beautiful red beets!

White ice lettuce

Now taking orders for our Free Range Non-GMO chickens. 

Sold as whole chicken for $3.50 per pound! 

Average weight of chicken is 4lbs. 

Fresh from the garden. It is young, tender leaves of kale!


Ingredients: Watermelon Rinds, Sugar, Vinegar, Lemon, Salt, Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspice, Ground Mustard

Size: 8oz

Price: $4.00


Ingredients: Wild Plums, Sugar, Pectin

Size: 8oz

Price: 5

Fresh Spinach

Ingredients: Green tomatoes, Water, Vinegar, Dill, Salt, Pickling Crisper 

Note: Spicy has cayenne pepper added 

Size: 16oz

Swiss chard

Picked fresh from the garden. Delicious green onions!