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Grass Meadows


We have 1/2 or whole hog appointments available. It is approximately $260 for a half and $500 for a whole cut, individually wrapped and frozen. Choice of paper or vacuum seal.

Grassfed beef also available 1/8 beef or larger for cows for ground beef. Or 1/4 or larger for yearlings for all cuts; steaks, roasts, ground ect.

We also sell by individual packages.

Thanks for your business in the past!

Product List

Grass-Fed Beef

Ground Beef $8

Ground Beef Patties $9

T-Bone Steak $17-20

Rib Steak $17-20

Sirloin Tri-Tip $20-25

Short Ribs $10-20

Coarse Ground (1.2#) Wieners $12

Skirt Steak $10

Flank Steak $10

Chuck Roasts - $15-20

Marrow Bones $10 -20

MN E-2 Individual Pork Packages for Sale

(Price per package)

Bacon $8

Nitrate-Free Bacon $9

Pork Chops $12-20

Spare Ribs $10- 20

Country Style Ribs $15-20

Pork Roast $15-20

Leaf Fat $6-15

Lard $6-15

Fat $9

Pork Steak $10-20

Ham Steak $15-20

Pork Heart $5

Pork Tongue $5

Pork Liver $7

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Producer Information
Jake & Lindsay Grass
9250 Hwy 37, Iron, MN 55751
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Snap/EBT can be accepted at the Farmers Markets. PayPal can be accepted with an added transaction fee.
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Credit cards not accepted
Cash not accepted
Check not accepted
SNAP/EBT not accepted